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Using ZFusion

ZFusion is an application that adds your Zoom Webinar data to Salesforce in real time, so you can easily see who registered, who attended, and how long they stayed in your Zoom Webinar.

Matching rules block duplicate creation and give you a clearer view of engagement for your existing contacts, creating new records only for Zoom registrants who are new to you.

To get started you will need a Zoom account and to install the ZFusion Application. For ZFusion setup, please visit our setup instructions. You can also create a support ticket if you need help with this step.

Once installed, here’s how it works:

Step 1. Create Your Webinar

Step 2. Promote Your Webinar

Step 3. Campaign & Members are Auto-Created

Step 4. Viewing Your Campaign & Registrant Data in Salesforce

Step 1: Create Your Webinar

   Zoom Meetings are not included. ZFusion only works with Zoom Webinars.

Create a new Webinar with Registration in Zoom by following these instructions from Zoom.

Step 2: Promote Your Webinar

Copy your registration link and promote your event. On page 11 of this article “Running Engaging Online Events,” you can find some great tips from Zoom on how you can promote your event.

Step 3: ZFusion Creates Salesforce Campaign & Campaign Member(s)

On the first registration submitted, ZFusion will automatically create a campaign in Salesforce, using the same name as your Webinar. Your registrants will be added as contacts and campaign members to this campaign.


Registration form is completed:

Campaign is created in Salesforce and the registrant is added as a Contact & Campaign Member. 

Step 4: Viewing Your Campaign & Registrant Data in Salesforce.

In your Salesforce account, click on the grid and search for the ZFusion App.

Next, click on the “Campaigns” tab and perform a keyword search based on your webinar name. You can also use the “All Active Campaigns” list view to see all of your campaigns from webinars.

After clicking on the campaign name you will see the Contact, Campaign Member and Registrant information.

Contact & Campaign Member:

A closer look at the contact details page:

Zoom Registrations:

A closer look at the Zoom Registration details page:

You can see information such as the contact’s:

  • Zoom registration ID
  • Registration Status
  • Registration Date and Time
  • Joined/Not Joined
  • Zoom Join Time
  • Zoom Leave Time
  • Total minutes in webinar

ZFusion Dashboard:

On the home tab of the Salesforce ZFusion application, you can also view useful statistics such as:

  • Zoom Registrants over the past 30 days and associated campaigns
  • Zoom Attendance over the past 30 days
  • Your Upcoming Zoom Webinars and Check Ins
  • Number of new Salesforce contacts created from your Zoom Webinars over the past 30 days

ZFusion Salesforce Tabs Overview:

Zoom App: This is where your Zoom user info and token are stored.

Zoom Settings: This is where your master settings are found, click here for more details.

Zoom Registrations: Provides a list of all registrants from webinars, you can search for a particular registrant or view all. Click on registrant for more details.

Zoom Message Center: Provides a list of real time Zoom to Salesforce data create and/or update as well as what Salesforce object was created or updated.

For example, when each registrant fills out the registration form a contact and campaign member will be created. If they already exist in your database, the existing contact record will be updated with the relevant Zoom registrant info.

You can click on the Record field to see more information on the record.

Campaigns: Provides a list of all campaigns created from your webinars. You can search for a particular campaign or view all. Click on campaign for more details.

ZFusion creates a Salesforce campaign for each Zoom webinar with your webinar details, registrants and attendance analytics allowing you to send timely communications to your registrants directly from Salesforce*.

For larger campaigns, ZFusion coupled with our Predictive Email Marketing app allows you to send mass emails from Salesforce to your registrants.

* See your Salesforce company settings for info on daily email send limits.

If at any time you need help with using ZFusion, please visit our support resources to contact us.