Classic Experience | Predictive Response

Classic Experience

Follow these guides to see how you can use Predictive Response features through Salesforce Classic.

Email Design and Testing

1. Create a campaign:

2. Campaign Types:

3. Get hands on experience with the design and layout options of the drag-and-drop editor and review campaign and email activation options and date-based publishing triggers:

4. Confirm responsive designs and merge field content through testing:

Automation, Analytics and Branching

1. Review key metrics for tracking and campaign success:

2. Establish scoring defaults and monthly points write-off:

3. Use visitor behavior to segment your lists:


1. Automate campaign membership in real-time or as part of a scheduled process.
2. Instantly send a campaign’s first email when a contact or lead is automatically added.
3. Schedule reports to keep an eye on the automation.

Merge Fields & Dynamic Content

1. Establish custom merge fields based on an organization’s data:

2. Publish dynamic content based on either geographic or demographic segments:

Subscription Management

1. Publish a subscription page to provide readers with more than an opt-out option.
2. Review how to embed a subscription page into a website.
3. Learn how to add a campaign to a subscription from within

Additional Resources: