Where do vacation responders go? | Predictive Response

Where do vacation responders go?


There are 2 email addresses involved with an email.


For every send, you control the name that appears associated with both.

The Reply-to is controlled per campaign and defaults to the Name and email address of the campaign owner. If someone clicks “Reply” in their email program, it will be sent to the Reply address.

The From address is a global value that you can set. Out-of-the-box it will be your organization’s account-name@predictiveresponse.net.

The From address is used by Predictive as our “bounce bucket.” All bounces will be sent to the address and this allows us to provide bounce data.

You can choose to set a custom value for the From address and then set an auto-forward to the account-name@predictiveresponse.net account to make sure Predictive can continue to keep track of bounces. You will have to log a support ticket to complete this process.

Usually, corporate and cloud-based auto-responders will send vacation and out-of-office notifications to the From address. If the auto responder is set on someone’s desktop application, there is a chance it may send to the Reply-to instead of the From.