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Tracking Links

Tracking Script

To track if campaign members click to landing pages or other pages on your site, it is required that the Predictive tracking script is added to the page source for your site. This script is similar to the kind of tracking script you would use for Google Analytics. If your website uses page templates, we suggest you add the script to the template so that it propagates through the entire website.

Important Important:

  • If you are placing the tracking script on a page that is a redirection page, make sure the script is entered above the redirection.
  • Place the Predictive tracking script as close to the beginning of your <head> as possible. Our two lines should be above any other javascripts you may have in place on your website to ensure that no preceding javascripts will accidentally prevent tracking.
  • Most websites re-use one file for common content, so it’s likely that you won’t have to place the code snippet on every single page of your website.

Use either the http or https script to enable click tracking for your emails. Click here for trackingscript.

The decision can be made on which script to use based on the following pros and cons to each:

  • Using the https:// codes on the non securely served pages will work, but will take longer for the initial page load due to the security check that is performed in background by the browser.
  • Using the http:// codes on the securely served pages will cause the secure page when loading, to display the warning that the page contains both secure and non secure content.

In addition you may need to provide specific embedded code on a page where that page content is generated by parameters specific to a user but the underlying function does not change. For example, a payment receipt page could be a standard URL like but the parameters make it a receipt for a particular user making the URL

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Parameterized Pages

For these kind of pages, use the following tracking method. For these, each landing page requires a unique page identifier. On your landing page(s) you will need to include the script linked here: parameterizedtrackingscript.

The Page # is located in the Web Pages window in Predictive and displays in the right hand column. As in the following example:

<script language=”JavaScript” src=””> </script
<script language=”JavaScript”> embedTracking(13); </script>
This is the default landing_page<br><br>
Product Info <a href=””> Please click here </a><br><br>
Pricing Info <a href=””> Please click here </a><br><br> 

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