Mapping Custom Fields | Predictive Response

Mapping Custom Fields

Lead, contact, and campaign member fields can become merge fields in your campaign emails as desired. Some standard fields are already available in the email editor such as Member First Name and Owner Name. Other standard Salesforce and custom fields will need to be mapped prior to being used as a merge field in a campaign email.

Map a field

  • Click on the Predictive tab in the Salesforce interface
  • Click the Merge Fields iconaccess
  • The left hand column provides the ability to map up to 20 fields for leads and the right hand allows the mapping for contact fields. Select the lead or contact field from the dropdown choices – the field list is alphabetized to make it easier to find the field.
  • When mapping campaign member fields, they will appear within the lead or contact drop-downs with the label ‘CampaignMember.’map1

Information Information: Custom fields will be at the end of the selection list

Important Important:

  • Mapping is not retroactive. The data in your custom field will only display in your email if it was mapped prior to adding leads/contacts to your campaign. If the mapping process was completed after the leads/contacts are added, you will have to synchronize the campaign.
  • Merge field data will not display real time changes in your email. If the data in the merge field is modified after the lead/contact is added to the campaign, you will have to synchronize the campaign for the changes to be reflected in the email.
  • If the field is removed from Salesforce, you need to update impacted emails as this will cause issues with emails being sent


Why is my custom field missing from in the dropdown list?

The only custom field types that are supported in Predictive AM are those created for Leads and Contacts. If you are looking for a field that is part of the Account or Opportunity pages in Salesforce (or other unsupported location) they will not be in the list.

Solution: Add your custom field to the Leads or Contacts page layout as applicable.

Why do I get a duplicate field error message?


This error message occurs because you have mapped a merge field that is already a field listed in the email editor field list.

Solution: Delete the field from your custom fields section and click the Save button.

Why isn’t my data showing in the campaign email?

  • Is the field mapped?
  • Is the field available for update on your lead/contact page?
  • Is there data in the field on your lead/contact page?
  • Does the format for the merge field in your email look like – {{$field name}}.
  • Has the campaign been synchronized since the field was mapped?