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System Status

Wednesday Feb,20 2019 at 12:50:PM PST: Intermittent issue with the Designer – RESOLVED

Designer is freezing and loading to a blank page.


Wednesday July,25 3:45PM PST: We are currently experiencing an issue with the Designer inside the eMaker – RESOLVED

A workaround to this is to switch out of the eMaker profile on your User record.  The designer is working as expected with the non-eMaker profile.


Thursday May,17 11 AM PST: A patch was applied fixing an issue introduced in the May,6 eMaker 2.0 release.

The issue manifested itself as some images in new templates would in some email clients appear stretched or invisible.


Sunday May,13 9:00-9:15PM PST: System Maintenance – COMPLETED

We will be performing required system maintenance in order to deploy important updates. The system will be unavailable during the upgrade.


Friday May,6 5PM PST: System Upgrade – COMPLETED

We will be upgrading the system with GDPR compliance and eMaker 2.0 upgrades. The system will be available during upgrade.


Friday Jan,19:  9:15: PM PST : System Upgrade – COMPLETED

Friday Jan,19: The system will be unavailable tonight between 9:00 PM PST and 9:15 PST for a server upgrade

To further protect the systems against the Intel Meltdown vulnerability, we will be upgrading servers tonight between 9:00 PM PST and 9:15 PM PST.


The Amazon rollout of the Intel Meltdown patch may have affected your service – RESOLVED

Thu Jan, 4 2018 5:00 PM PST – Fri, 5 3:50 PM PST.

The Predictive Salesforce UI may have been slow or non-responsive.

Scheduled sends may have gone out at a later time than scheduled, or not at all, if your send window was very short (like 1 -2 hours). You may want to check any such campaigns.

CampaignFlows may have generated error messages, and may not have generated expected InstantSends. Can be mitigated with ‘Run Now’ or ‘Daily Scheduled Runs’

Web-Tracking may have been spotty during this timeframe.


Oct 12, 8:50 PM PST – Loading Issues – RESOLVED

We are currently experiencing intermittent issues loading the Designer Drag & Drop editor *

resolved Oct,13 6:50AM PST


Sept 14th, 2017 – 7:47 PM PST – RESOLVED

2:14 PM PST: We are experiencing an issue uploading images in the Designer module, and is currently working on resolving the issue. WORKAROUND: use Image from URL temporarily to upload your images

July 27th, 2017 – 7:02 AM PST – RESOLVED

Between 6:47 AM and 7:10 AM PDT we experienced increased launch failures for EC2 Instances, degraded EBS volume performance and connectivity issues for some instances in a single Availability Zone in the US-EAST-1 Region. The issue has been resolved and the service is operating normally.


July 21th, 2017 – 5:00PM – 6:00PM PST – Scheduled Upgrade Successfully Completed

The Predictive application will be upgraded on Friday, July 21, 2017 from 5PM-6PM PST. The system is expected to be fully available during the upgrade window


June 29th, 2017 – 4:00PM PST – RESOLVED

PC users may experience issues trying to edit text in the template editor. Specifically the text toolbar does not display when the user double-clicks to edit text.  This issue seems to be related to cookies and a possible work around would be to use a private browsing window, such as Incognito mode (Chrome), and Private Browsing (Firefox).

Resolution Notes:  If you are still experiencing the issue, try clearing your browser cashe and retrying the editor.