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Predictive Synchronization

The synchronization process between Salesforce and Predictive is a bi-directional synchronization (sync) that looks at Salesforce as the master data repository for campaign member information and Predictive for campaign data. There are four types of syncs:

bluebox Initial Synchronization
bluebox Manual Synchronization
bluebox Nightly Batch Updates

As your campaign progresses, member status changes, email edition and campaign statistics will be updated from Predictive to Salesforce. If you manually make a change to a status in Salesforce, that information will be updated into Predictive the next time a sync occurs.

For example, if you delete a campaign member in Salesforce, that member will also be deleted from Predictive when the next sync occurs. If the email address for a campaign member is changed in Salesforce, that information will be changed for a campaign when the next sync occurs.

Initial Synchronization

This occurs when you start a campaign in Salesforce and click the New Edition button in the Email Editions related list.

New Email Edition1

The button will add one or more email editions (depending on campaign type) and any members that have been added to the campaign. This will include anyone marked as a global test member.

The initial sync includes:

  • Campaign Name and Type
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Global test members
  • Campaign members if added in Salesforce

info1 Reference: For more details on what information displays in Predictive, click here.

Manual Synchronization

After the campaign has started you can click the Synchronize button available at the top of the campaign page and in the Campaign Members section to update the following in Predictive:

  • Members that have been added or deleted
  • Changes such as member name or email address

Nightly Batch Updates

This sync runs at 1 am UTC if the auto-sync box is checked for the campaign.


Important Important: The sync process uses API calls every time it is run. If you have auto-sync checked for closed campaigns, this may cause you to go over your Salesforce limit for API Requests which will impact using Predictive.

info1 Reference: For more information on how many API calls Predictive uses, click here.