Configuring and Using OpportunityFlow | Predictive Response

Configuring and Using OpportunityFlow

Important Important: OpportunityFlow is designed to work with the CampaignFlow application. To enable the ability to send emails based on opportunity changes, you will also need the InstantSend  for Predictive plugin.

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Configuring Opportunity Flow

The custom fields displayed in the image below can be added for your contact page layout. These are the fields that will update on the contact record when an opportunity is added or changed. These fields will also act as the trigger for your CampaignFlows.

These fields do NOT have to be visible on your contact page layout if you wish. If you want to make them visible, we suggest creating a section for the fields.


Using OpportunityFlow

  • Create a campaign in Salesforce
  • Create a campaign flow that uses one or more of the opportunity fields shown above
  • When an opportunity is created with information that matches the flow, the contact will be added to the campaign in Salesforce.
  • The member will then receive an email from Predictive if you have utilized our InstantSend plugins.