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Design Your Email Edition

Designing your email is an important step in the process. The Adaptive Mailer provides a few ways for you to create an email. The most efficient way is to use the integrated drag-and-drop EDMdesigner.

Download the EDMdesigner User Guide or look for context sensitive help boxes inside the application.

But if you love to code your own HTML or consider yourself a WYSIWYG wizard, we let you do that too.

Create your email in another application

If you have an email format in another application such as Dreamweaver and you can access the html source code, then you can copy the html source and paste it into the Predictive email editor. Use the HTML icon in the editor to complete this.

  1. Copy the HTML from your source file
  2. Open the email editor in the campaign
  3. Click the HTML icon html2
  4. Delete any existing HTML
  5. Paste
  6. Save and make additional changes as needed

Create your email using our email editor

info1 ReferenceFor information on using the Predictive WYSWYG editor, click here.

Create your email using an email template

If you have created an email that you want to use as the base format in future campaigns, you can save the email as a template.

  • In the File menu, select Save as Template.
  • Create folder if desired
  • Enter a name for the new template


To use a saved template in another campaign, select the Insert Template icon. template icon

Select a template and click Insert.


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