Upgrade Guide: CampaignFlow | Predictive Response

Upgrade Guide: CampaignFlow


The CampaignFlow (CFL) application has been upgraded to allow you to setup rules that will:

  • Utilize date fields and Salesforce date literals to trigger the addition of leads and/or contacts to a campaign.
  • Trigger flows based on formula and date fields using the Schedule option.
  • Populate your campaign using the new Run Now feature.

Install Campaign Flow

To start the install process:

  • Use the provided link
  • Click Continue
  • Click Next
  • Verify desired security access and click Next
  • On the next screen, select Grant access to admins only, and click Next
  • On the final screen, click Install.

Important Important: It is best to grant access to your system admin(s) first and then modify the profiles that are assigned to the users that will be using the application.

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Install InstantSend

Important Stop: If you are not using Campaign Flow with the Adaptive Mailer, skip this step.

  • Use the provided link
  • Log into Salesforce (if prompted)
  • Enter the password provided in the email and click Submit
  • Click Continue
  • On the popup window – Approve Third-Part Access, click Yes… and Continue
  • Click Next
  • On the next screen, select Grant access to all users, and click Next
  • Click Install

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Trigger Action Field

This field is required when using CFL with the Adaptive Mailer. The value has to be added to the picklist field.

  • Go to Setup
  • Locate and expand Create
  • Select Objects
  • Click on the Campaign Flow Label


  1. Scroll down to the Custom Fields & Relationships section and locate the Trigger Action field
  2. Click on Trigger Action and then New in the Picklist Values section
  3. Add InstantSend for Predictive

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Active CampaignFlows

Because we have moved from an InstantSend check box to a picklist value, all active flows have to be modified so that they continue working as planned. The easiest way to manage this process is to:

  • Click on the plus (+) sign in the Salesforce Interface
  • Locate the CampaignFlow menu item
  • Create a view as shown below


  • Open each active flow from the view and select InstantSend for xPress from the Trigger Action drop down.


We can help!

For assistance with the installation/configuration of a Predictive application or to request a training session, please use the link below:


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