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FAQ: Campaign Email Questions

Why are there no test members in my campaign?

A lead or contact that is marked as a test member will be automatically added to your campaign when you create and save the campaign in Salesforce. If this is not happening, then there may be something wrong with the test member settings.

info1 Reference: For more information on creating global or one-off test members, click here.

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Why isn’t my campaign sending emails?

Campaign is not Active

In Salesforce, the campaign page layout should have an active checkbox. For your campaign to send emails, that box needs to be checked.

Campaign end date is past

When you create the campaign in Salesforce, you should be completing the start and end dates for your campaign. The end date can be changes as needed in both Salesforce and Predictive.

Edition end date is past (Scheduled campaigns)

If you have created a Scheduled campaign, each edition will have it’s own start and end dates that determine when the edition is sent.

Scenario: Today is 08/15/2014

This edition will not be sent scheduled1

This edition will be sentscheduled2

Reference ReferenceFor more information on creating a scheduled campaign, click here.

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Edition is not Active

Reference Reference: For more information on activating an email edition, click here.

The Subject line = “** subject **”

When you create an edition, you should be entering a subject line. This is what your campaign members see in their inbox and can be a determining factor in the open email decision.

Reference Reference:  For more information on the Create phase of the wizard, click here.

The email edition was not saved

In the Design phase of the Edition wizard, you will be creating and saving your email.

Reference Reference:  For more information on designing an email edition, click here.

The Schedule settings are not current

When you create the email edition, you will also create the schedule settings. These settings will be followed unless you click the Send Now icon. If the settings are in place and being used, your emails will typically not start sending on the hour – but will send following this scenario:

  • Send Start Time: 10 AM
  • Send End Time: 2 PM
  • Emails will start sending between 10 AM and 11 AM

info1 Reference: For more information on creating the send settings for your campaign, click here.

This email edition can be sent

This email edition cannot be sent status1

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No members have been added to the campaign or all the active members have received the latest email

If you have added members to the campaign but have not sync’d, then Predictive does not know that there are emails to be sent.


Confirm that you have members that can be sent emails: It is possible that all emails have been sent that can be sent.


A/B Test complete

If you use the Automatic A/B test feature, Predictive will complete the test and re-start your campaign for you. If you have elected the manual A/B test, you have to restart the campaign to send the remaining emails.

info1 Reference: For more information on running A/B tests, click here.

If none of this information helps you start sending your campaign emails, please submit a support ticket, click here to do so.

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How do I track bookmark click throughs?

If you have added a link to your campaign email that is for a bookmarked entry on your site and would like to know  which bookmarks were clicked by campaign members, the solutions provided below will provide that detail.

Solution One

To track the clicks to the bookmarks, manually enter the following line in the hyperlink window. Replace the text in red with your information. Do not select a tracking option prior to saving the entry.


Components Description
http://www.mydomain.com Your website
/page The base URL of your Content Management System
?track=bookmark3 Identifies the section of your web page assigned to bookmark3. Replace “bookmark3” with the appropriate bookmark name from your web page. When your campaign members click the link, the Web Pages window and Campaign Member activity pages will display your bookmark name and number of associated clicks.
&{{$par}} Standard Predictive parameter tracking code.
&pageid=3D047DfEXT#3 Indicates the bookmark on the landing page that you want your campaign members to access. Replace the page id with your specific page id.

Solution Two

If you notice that editions using the same bookmark numbers are being “lumped” together when tracked in the Click Throughs section on the Salesforce campaign page and you would like to see them separately, use this option:

  • Email Edition 1: http://mydomain.com/page?track=edition1.bookmark1&{{$par}}&pageid=<<pageidhere>>#1
  • Email Edition 2: http:// mydomain.com/page?track=edition2.bookmark1&{{$par}}&pageid=<<pageidhere>>#1

Solution Three

If it helps to also see the page id in the Web Pages window, use this option:

  • Email Edition 1: http://mydomain.com/page?track=edition1.<<pageidhere>>bookmark1&{{$par}}&pageid=<<pageidhere>>#1
  • Email Edition 2: http://mydomain.com/page?track=edition2.<<pageidhere>>bookmark1&{{$par}}&pageid=<<pageidhere>>#1
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How do I create a Table of Contents or Bookmark in my email?

The Predictive editor provides the ability to create bookmarks in your campaign email. Those bookmarks can then become the basis of a link in another section of your email. Follow these steps to set up a table of contents in the email:

  • In the Editor, highlight the text that you want to link to (the anchor) and click the flag in the menu bar

  • Give the anchor a name


  • Select the text that you want to make the link. Then, click the link icon

  • Select “Link to anchor in the text”

  • Select the Anchor Name

  • When the email is sent, clicking the link will take you to the anchor text


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