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Modify Page Layouts

If you are using the Salesforce Enterprise or higher edition, after you install the Adaptive Mailer, you will see that Predictive has provided the following page layouts.

  • Predictive AM Campaign Page Layout
  • Predictive Campaign Member Page Layout
  • Predictive AM Lead Layout
  • Predictive AM Contact Layout

These layouts can be assigned to individual profiles or the Predictive components can be added to your custom layouts.

For Professional edition users, you are required to configure your standard page layout to provide access to Predictive data and tools.

Predictive utilizes different component types on the page layouts:

Modify a page layout

Go to:

  • Setup
  • Customize
  • Select Campaigns, Leads or Contacts
  • Click Page Layout(s)
  • Enterprise or higher users will click edit next to the layout to be modified, Professional users will see the layout being used

After selecting the layout to be edited, the page will display with a layout grid and menu at the top.


Information Information: There are two other options that can be used to modify the layout of a page. 

  • Click the Edit Layout link at the top right of the page


  • Open the menu and select Edit Layout


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To add a button:

  • Click the Buttons menu item
  • Drag the button to the custom buttons area on the page (highlighted in green)


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Create sections to organize the fields on the page. To add a section:

  • Click the Section item available from the Fields or Buttons menu


  • Drag the item to the desired location on the page
  • After dropping the new section on the page, complete the setup.
  • For both options below, entering a name is preferred for easy identification of data.
  • If the section is being created to organize fields, complete as shown here:


Information Information: There is no preferred setting for tab order.

  • If the section is being created to display an object such as a Visualforce page, complete as shown here:


1bestpractices Best Practice: If the section you are adding is on the campaign page, after adding the page, click on the wrench to modify the height to 340. If it is for the lead/contact page, the optimum height is 240.

VFP height

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To add a field:

  • Click the Fields menu item
  • Locate the desired field by using the scroll bar or the search field
  • Drag the field to the desired location on the page

Related Lists

To add a related list:

  • Click the Related Lists menu item
  • Select the desired list and drag to the related lists area reserved by Salesforce
  • If needed, click the wrench icon to modify the columns of data and available buttons for the list


Information Information: Salesforce has a specific area for related lists at the bottom of the page. You can organize the lists in the order desired.

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