Create an Adaptive Edition | Predictive Response

Create an Adaptive Edition

To start creating your email edition, click the New Edition button on the Salesforce campaign page.

This will create the 5 default editions that are part of all adaptive campaigns. For more information on how an adaptive campaign works, click here.

bluebox After your screen refreshes, you will see the 5 editions.


bluebox Click Edit next to Initial to start the wizard

bluebox Complete these fields:

  • Name
  • Subject
  • The # of days after the member is added before the email is sent as desired – Predictive will wait the defined number of days before sending the email

Important Important: The first edition in an adaptive campaign can be set to delay the sending of the first email. All other emails in the campaign are set to be sent the specified number of days after the last email. Predictive uses calendar days when counting the days delay and therefore will include Saturday and Sunday when applicable.

bestpractices Best Practice: The status notification information in the upper left hand corner of the wizard provides up-to-date information on if your edition is active or inactive.

Click here to go to the Design step.