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Owner Notifications

Both campaign owners and lead/contact owners may receive email notifications as a campaign progresses.

If you receive an email notifying you of a problem and you do not know how to fix the issue, please click here to complete a support ticket.The standard email notifications include:

Campaign Sync Notifications

A campaign sync notification is automatically sent to the campaign owner every time:

  • A new campaign is synced from Salesforce into Predictive AM
  • A manual sync is completed
  • An auto-sync process completes

info1 Reference: For more information on the synchronization process, click here.


Important Important: Review these emails for possible sync warnings as shown above.

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Member Activity Level Notifications

As a lead/contact owner, you may want/need to know when your campaign members have taken certain actions, such as opening the campaign email, or when they reach a certain level of points. The notifications are set using the Scoring window in the Predictive interface.

info1 Reference: For more information on the the Scoring window, click here.


Information Information: The level referenced in the notification email will depend on what is selected on the Scoring window and the action the campaign member has taken.

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