Layouts: Lead/Contact ( Enterprise or higher) | Predictive Response

Layouts: Lead/Contact ( Enterprise or higher)

If you are using the Salesforce Enterprise or higher edition, you can either assign our campaign page layouts to your user profiles, or add the following components to your current page layout.

Assign the Adaptive Mailer campaign page layout to your user profiles:

  • Click on the Setup link in the top right corner next to Salesforce username
  • In the left pane, under Build, expand Customize by clicking on the right arrow mark
  • Expand Campaigns
  • Select Page Layouts
  • Click the Page Layout Assignment button
  • Click the Edit Assignment button
  • Select the System Administrator profile and any other profiles that are assigned to users who will be managing Predictive campaigns
  • From the drop down list, select the Predictive AM Campaign Layout
  • Click Save when done

Add the Adaptive Mailer components to your page layouts:

The components of our page include buttons, fields and related lists as documented below.

  • Available Buttons: These buttons provide access to data or one-click actions as needed.
  • Fields: These fields provide information that can be useful as you manages Predictive campaigns.
  • Related Lists: We provide Subscriber Choices that is useful if you are taking advantage of our subscription page feature and fields that can be added to the Campaign History related list that provide additional information about lead/contact activity in campaigns.


  • Opt In: If a lead/contact has globally opted out from a campaign and then wishes to change their action, click this button to reverse the member status in Salesforce and all Predictive campaigns.
  • Opt Out: If a lead/contact notifies you that they want to globally opt out from your campaigns, this button will update Salesforce and all current and future Predictive campaigns.

Reference Reference: For more information on how the opt out process works, click here.

  • Subscriptions: Provides access to the latest version of the subscription page as completed by the lead/contact. You can make changes on their behalf as desired.

Activity Section

This section provides access to live actions taken by leads/contacts added to campaigns.

  • Click on the Setup link in the top right corner next to Salesforce username
  • In the left pane, under Build, expand Customize by clicking on right arrow mark
  • Expand Campaigns
  • Select Page Layouts
  • Click Edit for the desired page layout (repeat for all applicable layouts)
  • Create a new section and drag the Lead or Contact Activity VFP item to your new section
  • Add a name and select 1-column
  • Click the wrench icon in page display and change the height to 240
  • Click OK when done

The information provided in this section includes

  • Email Activity: Displays the campaign emails sent to the lead/contact and the actions taken.
  • Web Activity: Displays the links clinked from a campaign email.
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The following fields can be added to lead/contact pages as desired:

  • Lead/Contact Score: As your campaign members open emails, click links, etc., they can be assigned scores for each action. The score shown here is the total of scores from all activity in all campaigns.
  • Lead/Contact Score Rating: This field is a formula field based on the score assigned to the lead/contact.
  • Test Group/Member: Complete these two fields to set a contact as a global test member.
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Related Lists

  • Campaign History: Lists the campaigns that the lead/contact has been added to and the last level of activity for each.
  • Subscriber Choices: Lists the subscriptions the lead/contact has selected or de-selected

Reference ReferenceFor more information on these components to your page layout (s), click here,

Reference ReferenceFor more information on adding components to your page layouts, click here.

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