How to create a custom field for SalesForce Lead ID | Predictive Response

How to create a custom field for SalesForce Lead ID


Step 1: Go to Setup/App Setup/Customize/Leads

Step 2: Click on Fields

Step 3: Scroll down to Lead Custom Fields & Relationships section and click on New button

Step 4: Select Data Type = Formula and click Next

Step 5: Enter a Field Label such as SF Lead ID

Step 6: Select Formula Return Type = Text and click Next

Step 7: Enter ID in the box under SF Lead ID (Test) =

Step 8: Click Next

Step 9: Make the new field visible for all appropriate profiles and click Next

Step 10: Add the field to all appropriate page layouts

Step 11: Click Save Repeat for SF Contact ID


Map the field to a Predictive Custom Field

Step 1: Open Predictive

Step 2: On the Company Tab, click the menu item for Custom Fields

Step 3: In the Lead Fields, use the dropdown in the first custom field and locate your new custom Lead ID field

Step 4: Use the dropdown list for Lead Fields to locate your new field

Step 5: Click Save

Step 6: Complete steps 3-4 for the Contact id field