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Merge Fields in Lightning

Lead, contact, and campaign member fields can become merge fields in your campaign, allowing you to use them in your campaign emails.

  • Some standard fields are already available, such as ‘Salutation,’ ‘First Name’ and ‘Last Name’.

  • You can also use custom created lead, contact, and campaign member fields as merge fields.
  • You can add up to 20 custom fields for use in your email editions.
  • These custom fields will need to be mapped prior to being used as a merge field in a campaign email.

Map Custom Merge Fields:

In order to use your custom lead and contact fields, you will need to map them prior to being able to use them as a merge field in a campaign email. Once your fields are mapped, they will appear in the text toolbar in your email template.

Watch the video to see how to map custom merge fields:

When mapping campaign member fields, they will appear within the lead or contact drop-downs with the label ‘CampaignMember:’

Important to note when mapping custom fields:

Mapping is not retroactive

  • The data in your custom field will only display in your email if it was mapped prior to adding leads/contacts to your campaign. If the mapping process was completed after the leads/contacts are added, you will have to synchronize the campaign.

Merge field data will not display real time changes in your email

  • If the data in the merge field is modified after the lead/contact is added to the campaign, you will have to synchronize the campaign for the changes to be reflected in the email.

Field removal from Salesforce

  • If the merge field is removed from Salesforce, you need to update impacted emails as this will cause issues with emails being sent.

Field not showing in the custom dropdown

  • The only custom field types that are supported are those created for Leads and Contacts. If you are looking for a field that is part of the Account or Opportunity pages in Salesforce (or other unsupported location) they will not be in the list.

 Make sure the campaign has been synchronized after the fields have been mapped.