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Predictive Communities


  1. Overview
  2. Template
  3. Permissions,  Profiles  
  4. Limitations



PAM Communities is a Salesforce Community integration to Predictive AM (PAM) that allows a Community user to:

  • Create a Campaign
  • Synchronize a Campaign
  • Create & Test Email Content (using the Predictive Wizard/Editor)
  • Schedule & Send emails
  • Create & Run Reports

2. Template

The Predictive Community implementation is built on top of the Napili template.


3. Permissions &  Profiles Required

2.1 PAM application should be installed for all users to make it available for Community users.

2.2 PAM Community Permissions permission set will have required permissions to access the objects and fields and API Enabled permission to interact with PAM server

4. Objects and Permissions:

Campaign: Read, View All (Client need to grant Edit permission)
Email Editions: None (Client needs to grant Create, Read, Edit, and Delete permissions)
Field Permissions:
1. Campaign: All fields are given Edit access
2. Email Editions: All fields are given Edit access
System Permissions:
1. API Enabled
2. Run Reports
3. Report Builder
4. Create and Customize Reports
Assigned Connected Apps:
1. PAM Communities
VisualforcePage Access:
1. PAM.EmailEditionEditLight_VFP
Apex Class Access:
1. PAM.CanvasAppHelperLtng_AC
2. PAM.CanvasLifeCycleHandler_AC


4. Limitations


PAM Communities solution is only available for Partner Communities.

Customer Community Licenses cannot access the Campaign object.