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Predictive Response Training

For Gold and Platinum support packages, Predictive offers hands on training sessions. For other support packages, training may be arranged for a fee.

To register for a training session, please submit a support ticket and a representative will be in touch.

What to Expect:

Email Design and Testing

  1. Get hands on experience with the design and layout options of the drag-and-drop editor.
  2. Review campaign and email activation options and date-based publishing triggers.
  3. Confirm responsive designs and merge field content through testing.

Prerequisites: Installation complete and at least one test email already sent. SPF setup completed.

Automation, Analytics and Branching

  1. Publish drip and adaptive campaigns.
  2. Establish scoring defaults and monthly points write-off.
  3. Review key metrics for tracking and campaign success.
  4. Use visitor behavior to segment your lists.

Prerequisites: Web tracking installed on your organization’s website.

Merge Fields and Dynamic Content

  1. Establish custom merge fields based on an organization’s data.
  2. Setup formulas to convert currency or pick lists values to text for inclusion in message content.
  3. Publish dynamic content based on either geographic or demographic segments.

Helpful: System Administration access to create a new field.


  1. Automate campaign membership in real-time or as part of a scheduled process.
  2. Review Salesforce Date Literal options and formulas.
  3. Instantly send a campaign’s first email when a contact or lead is automatically added.
  4. Schedule reports to keep an eye on the automation.

Prerequisites: Predictive Pro or Premiere subscription with CampaignFlow installed.