Usage Tab | Predictive Response

Usage Tab

You can see how many emails have been sent, as well as how close you are to overages through the Usage tab.  To get to this information, click on the + on your menu bar at the top and navigate to Predictive

Please note that it is the Predictive tab, not the Predictive Admin tab that you will want to click on.

From there, click on the Usage tab:


This will display data from the last 12 months, the sends within that month, and the quota used in units as well as percentages.


In the example above, you can also see that this account is an Enterprise Edition, on a yearly plan.  They have signed up for the Premium Support package, you can see that their contract renews in January, and that they have a package that contains 40,000 emails.

To see more information on Editions and Pricing, or to contact someone in our Billing department, use the links available under the plan summary.