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Predictive Section

View data captured by the Predictive database on your campaign page.


  • Dashboard: Displays information on active email editions and recent sync history
  • Sends: Lists the email editions sent from the campaign in the last 30 days.
  • Web Scoring: Provides access to lead/contact score defaults and more.
  • Email Scoring: Allows modification of default scoring for member email actions
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The Dashboard provide the following information:

  • Campaign Type icon
  • Status notification
  • List of Active Editions
  • List of the Sync History

Information Information: When there are additional line items available for viewing, a scroll-bar will display at the far right of the section as shown above in the Sync History area.

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The following columns of data are provided:

  • Subject: The subject line entered for the edition.
  • Count: How many emails were sent on that day/date/time.
  • Day: The day of the week that the emails were sent.
  • Date: The date that the emails were sent.
  • Hour: The hour during which the emails were sent. For example if the line item indicates that the hour was 10 – that means that between 10 and 11 am, the emails were sent. If the number displayed is 18, that means that the emails were sent between 6 and 7 pm.

Information Information: Each column can be sorted as desired.

Reference Reference: This information is also available in a Predictive report. Visit the Predictive Campaign Reports folder on the Salesforce Reports tab and run or modify one of our Email History reports.

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Web Scoring


The Web Scoring section will display a list of all the webpages clicked from your campaign emails. The following information is provided

  • Action: Provides the ability to edit the entry – see below for more information.
  • Hits: The number of times the page was visited.
  • Page: The page name that the members visited.
  • Score: The score assigned to the lead/contact when they visit the page. This can be modified by clicking the Edit link – see below for more information.
  • Rollup: Use this feature when the page being clicked is using a PURL designation. This can be modified by clicking the Edit link – see below for more information.
  • Completion: Indicates if the page has been identified as a completion action. This can be modified by clicking the Edit link – see below for more information.
  • New Campaign: If a member does the defined completion action, they can be added to another active campaign automatically. This can be modified by clicking the Edit link – see below for more information.
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  • Name: Modify this as desired. In the case of a link to another site, you would have selected the Redirect option in the email editor. The initial name displayed for redirects is “Generic Redirect”. We advise changing this entry so that it is more meaningful when metrics are viewed on lead/contact pages, campaign pages and in reports.
  • Description: Will auto-display the description entered for the page. Modify as desired.
  • URL: The link for the page your members clicked to. It is NOT advised that you change this, except in the event of a Rollup requirement. See the PURL information below.
  • Score Modifier: Modify the score assigned to your lead/contact if they click to this page.
  • Rollup: Use this feature when the page being clicked is using a PURL designation. See the PURL information below.
  • Completion: If clicking to this page is what you want the members to do to complete the campaign, check this box. This will change the level/status of a member to Completed which would stop emails from being sent or to add them to another campaign.
  • New Campaign: If you want your members to be automatically added to another active campaign when they complete the desired action in this one, select a new campaign from the drop-down list.


If the URL displayed in the entry is a Personalized (PURL), it will include the unique ID for the last member to touch the page. To better track the hits (and not display multiple entries for the same page), edit the URL to reflect the base part of the Personalized URL (PURL).

Important Important: Be careful when setting a URL as a Rollup because if the base part of the url is not unique, your counts will be increased to include to all pages with the same base url.

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Email Scoring

This section enables the modification of scoring based on member actions and more.


  • Event: Lists the different actions a member can take with a campaign email.
  • Score: Each action can have a score. The default scores can be modified to meet your needs.
  • Alert: Check or uncheck as desired to receive email notifications when a member completes one of the actions listed. Email notifications are sent to the lead/contact owner as assigned in Salesforce.
  • Trigger Value: The default setting is 99999, you can change the default to the trigger point that works for you and your campaign. The trigger point equals the total score listed for a lead or contact. If a member reaches the trigger point in a campaign, the lead/contact owner is sent an email notification.
  • Auto Sync: If members are added to a campaign in Salesforce, a sync process has to be completed so that they are added to Predictive and then are in the queue to receive the active campaign email.

To modify the defaults, click in the score field and make your changes.  Click Save when done.

Reference Reference: For more information on the different sync processes managed by Predictive, click here.


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