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Not Receiving Predictive Test Emails

Depending on how your company’s spam filters are configured, you may not receive test emails you send yourself from Predictive.

These issues can arise from spam filters that misidentify test emails as spam. Emails sent by Predictive are sent from a third-party server, and spam filters normally deliver the emails without issue.

A test email may be misidentified as spam if the following conditions are present:

Recipient email address is
Sender email address is

Spam filter classifies messages sent and received by addresses as internal network emails.
Spam filter encounters a message sent to and received by addresses but originates from a third-party server outside of the internal email network (like Predictive).

To Resolve:
Have your IT team add your company’s assigned Predictive IP address to their spam filter whitelist. Please submit a support ticket to get your Predictive IP.