FAQ: Why does Gmail display “via predictiveresponse.com”? | Predictive Response

FAQ: Why does Gmail display “via predictiveresponse.com”?

Why does the email header in Gmail display via predictiveresponse.com?

gmail header

Gmail knows that the campaign was sent via the Adaptive Mailer. Gmail displays this information because many of the services that send emails on behalf of others don’t verify that the name the sender gives matches that email address. They want to protect their subscribers against misleading messages from people pretending to be someone they really do not know.

I don’t want my recipients to see the “via” link. What can I do?

We are not aware of a fix for this. Predictive Response is referenced in all campaign emails so that we can track member actions such as opens and clicks. Gmail is unique in displaying this information. If the campaign member adds you to their trusted sender list, the line item will stop displaying and Predictive will still be able to capture the statistics on your behalf.