Checklist: Create a Campaign | Predictive Response

Checklist: Create a Campaign

This checklist is used when you are creating a Predictive campaign.

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checkbox Step 1. Confirm global test members added. Add additional test members as needed. This information is provided in the Campaign Members section on your campaign page.

checkbox Step 2. Create the campaign in Salesforce.  Complete the required fields and select a supported campaign type.

checkbox Step 3Add Campaign Members. Use a lead/contact view, report, or our separate CampaignFlow application.

checkbox Step 4. Create the Email Edition.

Important Important: The order in which you complete steps 3 and 4 can be changed. It is important to remember that anytime you add leads/contacts to the campaign AFTER the first edition is started, you must do a synchronization to add the new members from Salesforce to the Predictive database.

checkbox Step 5. Test the email. Send a test email to yourself and/or your global test member group.

checkbox Step 6Send the email. You have the option to send the email right away of let the schedule settings manage the process.

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