Predictive Tab | Predictive Response

Predictive Tab

The Predictive tab can be displayed in the Salesforce tab bar. The tab provides access to:


  • All Sends: Lists all recent sends from all campaigns.
  • Who is visiting: Provides a list of members that visited your site after their initial click-through from a campaign email
  • Help: Provides access to our user guide.
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All Sends

This provides a view of all campaign sends over the last 90 days.


The columns of data provided here are:

  • Campaign Name: The name of the campaign used to manage the emails
  • Subject: The subject line of the campaign email
  • Count: The count of how many emails were sent
  • Day, Date, and Hour: When the email was sent
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 Who is visiting

This section provides a view of who has visited your website after they clicked-through to your site from a campaign email.


Data provided here is:

  • Date/Time: When the lead/contact clicked to your website
  • How Long Ago: When the lead/contact clicked to your website rounded up to the nearest hour or number of days
  • Score: The lead/contact current accumulated score from the record
  • Company: THe name of the company they are associated with
  • Type: Indicates if they are a lead or a contact
  • Name: the lead/contact name as entered in Salesforce

 How does a lead or contact get added to this view?

  • They were a member of a campaign, were sent an email that they opened and clicked the provided link link to your site.
  • They had cookies enabled.
  • They visited your site again and as programmed, all future visits are tracked.


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