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Scheduled Campaigns


info1 Reference: Click here for information on creating a scheduled email edition.

How does a scheduled campaign work?

A scheduled campaign can have one or more editions available to be sent. Each edition has its own active date range that is partially dependent on the campaign date range.

For example, your campaign dates can be set for the entire year, and each edition in the campaign can be active for a week, a month, or other criteria. The campaign dates have to be valid for the edition to be sent and the edition can only be sent during its date range.



Scenario 1

The lead/contact was added shortly after the campaign started and will receive all 4 editions.


Scenario 2

The lead/contact was added on Feb 25th. The Jan edition has expired and will not be sent. The remaining three editions will be sent.


Scenario 3

The lead/contact was added after the last edition expired and will not be sent ANY editions until the next one is created.


How can I use a scheduled campaign?

A scheduled campaign can be used to advise, update, notify, communicate and remind campaign members about current events and news.

  • Weekly or monthly newsletter that provide information that is relevant during the active date range.
  • Event notifications that use the ability to set specific date ranges to send invitations, confirmations and reminders to members.
  • Service or sales notifications that have specific valid date ranges.
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