Campaign Tracking | Predictive Response

Campaign Tracking

This section details where and how information can be gathered for an ongoing or completed campaign.
Required: Complete the tracking script install if you have not done so already.
Important: Establish your organization’s monthly score write off.

bluebox Predictive Web and Email Scoring: Set your scores for opens, clicks, completions and specific web page visits.
bluebox Predictive Synchronization: Information on how data is transferred from Salesforce to Predictive and as the campaign progresses, when the data is updated back to Salesforce.
bluebox Owner Notifications: This page lists the different emails that are sent from Predictive and when.
bluebox Campaign Metrics: This section provides information on the data tracked and stored in Predictive and displayed in Salesforce
bluebox Reports in Salesforce: This page provides a list of current reports that provide information on your campaigns right from the Reports tab in Salesforce.