Test Members | Predictive Response

Test Members

There are two types of test members used with Predictive campaigns:

Test Member responsibilities include:

  • Checking the email content for message consistency,
  • Checking the email content for typos.
  • Clicking all links in the email to confirm that the links open to the correct web page and are tracked by Predictive as desired.

Important Important: Email editions cannot be sent to campaign members without being sent to at least one test member first.

How to create a global test member

There are two lead/contact fields that are provided with the Predictive installation – Test Group and Test Member. These fields are included in the standard Predictive lead and contact page layouts. If you are not using Predictive page layouts, you can add the fields to your layouts.

  • Test Group: Always enter PAM in this field
  • Test Member: Check the box

One or more co-workers should be considered as global test members to review the content and links of all email editions.

Campaign Test Member

There are times when you may be creating a campaign on behalf of someone else in your organization. Your co-worker may want to see the email before it is sent to the campaign members so they can suggest changes, etc. When adding your co-worker to the campaign, you will see the test member check box. Check the box so that the contact or lead is added to the campaign as a test member and therefore receives test emails.

Important Important: If you do not see the required field, contact your system administrator.