Invalid Login Error | Predictive Response

Invalid Login Error

If you receive an invalid login error, or if nothing happens when you try to create an email edition follow these steps to troubleshoot:

Your Predictive Admin login is no longer valid.

To update your login:

In Salesforce Lightning:

  • Click on the grid on the home page, then type in Predictive Admin and click on the link

In Salesforce Classic:

  • Click on the + on your tab bar

  • Click on Predictive Admin

  • Click on the Salesforce Login Tab

  • Do you see an “Invalid Login” error?

  • If so, reenter your Salesforce Login credentials in the fields shown below:


User Permissions

Sometimes the user that you’re logged in as may not have permission to create new editions, new campaigns or view specific data.  If you suspect that it may be a permissions issue, please contact your system administrator.


Campaign Problems

Ensure that the following are correct on your campaign:

  • You have at least one campaign member marked as Test
  • The start and end date fields are NOT blank
  • The Email Type has NOT been changed manually after the campaign was created