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How do I move Members to a New Campaign

There are several options available to add members (leads and/or contacts) to your campaigns.

You can:

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Manage Members

The campaign page in Salesforce provides a Manage Members button at the top of the page and/or in the Campaign Members related list. This is dependent on how your page layout has been set.


If available, click the button and select one of the options.

  • Add Members – Search: Allows you to search for leads or contacts to be added to the campaign
  • Add Members – Import File: Provides the ability to import a list using a .csv file
  • Edit Members – Search: This option enables a search function that looks for specific lead/contacts that are already added to the campaign
  • Update & Add Members – Import File: Allows to update existing members and add new members using a .csv file.

bestpractices Best Practice: If this an initial addition of members to the campaign, you may only see Sent or Responded as status choices – either one will work. If you are adding new leads or contacts to an ongoing campaign, select New.

Reference Reference: For more information on these options, look in the Salesforce help files.

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Use a standard Salesforce or Predictive report, or create your own to create a list of leads or contacts. Once run, a button labelled Add to Campaign will display.


  1. Click the Add to Campaign button
  2. Use the available search feature to located the desired campaign
  3. Click the Add to Campaign button


Information Note: There is no need to change the default Member status that displays.

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Use a Lead or Contact View

Salesforce provides the ability to create lists of leads or contacts from the lead or contact tabs. These lists are called Views and use the same filter options as Reports do to create the list. Once created, the leads or contacts in the view can be added to a campaign.


From the lead or contact page

If you have the Campaign History section displayed on your lead and contact pages, you can use the Add to Campaign button to locate a campaign and add your lead or contact.

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From an online web-to-lead form

Add the campaign id to a web-to-lead form so that the new lead can be auto-added to a campaign. Click the link below to access the code that can be added to your form.

webtoleadform with cam id

To locate your Salesforce Organization ID:

  • Open Setup
  • Expand Company Profile
  • Click Company Information
  • The Organization ID is typically located at the bottom of the right hand column of information

To locate the Campaign ID:

  • Open the desired campaign
  • The campaign ID will display in the URL field of your browser

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Use Predictive CampaignFlow

The Predictive CampaignFlow is a licensed application that is available from the AppExchange website. CampaignFlow is a trigger based automation tool that can add leads/contacts to a campaign and more. The trigger is a data field on a lead or contact page that is modified to match the criteria set in the CampaignFlow. It is designed to be used with one or more of the available plugins:

  • InstantSend for Predictive: Use this plugin to automatically send a member the active campaign email when CampaignFlow adds them to the campaign.
  • OpportunityFlow: Use this plugin to move members from one campaign to another based on opportunity changes.
  • InstantSend for Salesforce: Use this plugin for any campaigns that are not supported by Predictive. This will instantly send the members emails built from a Salesforce email template following your Salesforce email sending limits.

info1 Reference: For more information on how CampaignFlow works, click here. Click here to visit our CampaignFlow AppExchange page.

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Why aren’t there any test members in my campaign?

  • Are there test members displaying on the Salesforce campaign page? If no, click here to see how to add test members to your campaign.
  • Did you complete the sync process?
  • Are there test members displaying in Predictive? If you have test members in Predictive but they are not receiving emails, they may be marked as an inactive member due to a previous bounce or other reason, or your email went into their spam folder.

Important Information: If this information does not help you fix the issue, click here to submit a support ticket.

Why does my campaign synchronization email say that no members were added?

There are a few different things that may have caused this error message.

Solution 1: The Lead or Contact information in Salesforce has been marked to indicate the member has opted out of emails. Check your Salesforce records and make changes as appropriate.

Solution 2: When you created the campaign in Salesforce, you did not pick a supported campaign type. Predictive supports Adaptive, Scheduled and Drip campaign types. If you used another campaign type not only would you have received an email as shown above, you may also see a popup warning message on your screen. You can re-open your campaign in Salesforce and select one of the supported campaign types. After saving your change in Salesforce, click the Predictive Advanced button and your campaign should complete the synchronization process successfully.

Why didn’t all of my Salesforce campaign members sync in Predictive?

The sync process may not complete or add all members if: Your lead or contact page layouts are missing one or more required fields. If this is the case, you will receive a message providing more information. For assistance, contact your Salesforce administrator. If you have members with the same email address as another member, only one member will be added to the campaign in Predictive.

Why did I get an email saying my sync failed because of a missing field?

This error message can either mean that a required field or custom field (previously mapped) is missing from the lead or contact page layout.

info1 Reference: For more information on custom fields, click here.

Solution 1: Check the custom field mapping in Predictive to make sure that you had used the “_c” suffix after the field name. Was the field mapped correctly? If no, make the appropriate change. If yes, continue to Solution 2.

Solution 2: Fix the page layout in Salesforce

  • Open Salesforce and go to Salesforce Setup
  • Under App Setup, click Customize
  • Click Leads or Contacts as needed
  • Click Page Layout
  • From here you will either add the field to the page layout, or confirm that the field is marked visible.
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