Predictive User Profile for BeeEditor | Predictive Response

Predictive User Profile for BeeEditor

Located in the Salesforce user profile, the Predictive User Profile field provides individual users access to the BeeEditor email editor.

If you do not see the field on the user profile page you will need to add it to your user layout in Salesforce.

Setting the Predictive User Profile in Salesforce Lightning

Step 1: Within Salesforce, locate the gear icon at the top right and click ‘Setup’. Next, on the left navigation locate the ADMINISTRATION heading and click ‘Users’.

Step 2: Click the submenu ‘Users’. Locate the profile of the user(s) you want to add or change email editor access for and click edit next to the user(s).

Step 3: Find the ‘Additional Information’ section, click the dropdown under ‘Predictive User Profile’. Note: this field may be located in other sections within the user page layout.

Select the ‘BeeEditor’ dropdown option and click the save button.