FAQ: Why am I getting a SF login error message? | Predictive Response

FAQ: Why am I getting a SF login error message?

For Predictive and Salesforce to communicate with each other, a valid Salesforce login has to be added to the company tab in Predictive. That login has to be for a Salesforce system administrator and is added when Predictive is installed.

If you get an error message indicating that the login is not valid that means that either the system admin has changed their username or password, or maybe they are no longer with your organization.

You will enter the new login information by accessing Predictive Admin from the Salesforce interface and clicking on the Salesforce login menu item. You may have to click OK on one or more error messages first.

Once you are in the correct location, enter the new information and click save. If the information is valid, this is what you should see:



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