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Install Test

It is important not to skip this step as it is easier to fix any configuration issues before you create and/or launch actual email campaigns.

Create a contact for yourself – or locate your existing record and mark yourself as a Test Member and part of the Test Group: PAM.  Click here for more information on test members.

  1. Create a “Test” campaign using any of our supported types. You will be auto-added to the campaign as a test member. (If you elected not to be a global test member, then add yourself to the campaign and mark yourself as a test member for the current campaign. Then synchronize the campaign so that your newly added test member will be available to the email engine.)
  2. After the campaign page is saved, scroll to the Email Edition section and click the New Edition button. Your screen will auto-refresh and you will see an edition listed.
  3. Click Edit next to the new edition you just added.
  4. Enter a Name and a Subject in the displayed fields and click on Design.
  5. Click on the Email Editor icon and create a simple email.
  6. Click Save to see a preview and then close both windows.
  7. Click Test
  8. Click Send Test to Group — this will send an email to your Test Member(s) 
  9. You should receive the test email in your inbox. If you do not, please contact

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