Drip Campaign in Lightning | Predictive Response

Drip Campaign in Lightning

A drip campaign is an email marketing campaign that sends, or “drips,” a pre-written set of messages to your leads and/or contacts over time. Using Predictive, this process is automated when you set the number of days each edition will wait until being sent.

You can use a drip campaign to:

  • Touch base with your leads and contacts on a regular basis
  • Send information over time to keep your leads and contacts interested

After creating one or more editions and starting your campaign, the first email edition will be sent to all campaign members. As you create your drip campaign, you will decide the number of days Predictive will wait before sending the next edition. Anyone added to the campaign, after it starts, will start receiving emails, starting with the first edition in the campaign.

Example of a drip campaign:

Drip campaign emails are dependent on the sending of all emails in the sequence:

  • A campaign member must have been sent the initial edition to receive the second edition, and so on and so forth.
  • If you disable an edition in the middle of the drip sequence, the member will not receive the edition beyond the deactivated one.

Create a Drip Campaign:

Start by creating a new campaign. When you get to the email type field, select ‘drip.’ After you have added your global test member and/or campaign members and synchronized the campaign you will see the first edition auto-created.

When you get to the eMaker editor, you will need to designate the number of days you want the email to delay after the campaign members are added. The campaign member add date is calculated from the time the campaign members are synchronized to the campaign.

  • You can select 0 for no delay or enter a number of days you would like to delay.
  • Predictive uses calendar days when counting the days delay and therefore will include Saturday and Sunday when applicable.

Once the initial edition is created, you can go back to the campaign and click on the ‘new edition’ button in the ‘email edition’ section of the campaign to create the next edition. Set the number of days you want the email to delay in sending after the first edition email is sent.

Step 1: Create the drip campaign

Step 2: Once you are ready to create the email from the editor, enter the days delay in the eMaker

Step 3: Create the next email edition in the drip sequence, click ‘edit’ next to the edition to edit

Step 4: Enter the days delay in the eMaker

Repeat steps 3 & 4 to add more editions to the drip sequence