Upgrade Checklist | Predictive Response

Upgrade Checklist

Use this checklist to make sure that you have successfully installed Predictive. Most of the information is in your installation guide. References to other information has been added below. Have you…

checkbox Setup New Campaign Types.

info1 Click here for more information.

checkbox Setup Email Edition section.

info1 Click here for more information.

checkbox If not using our campaign page layouts, check the available information to determine if you wish to add to your layout.

info1 Click here for more information.

checkbox If not using our campaign page layouts, add the campaign member section or modify to include our information – Reason and Level.

info1 Click here for more information. For more information on Reasons and Levels, click here.

checkbox Setup global test members.

info1 Click here for more information on creating global test members. For more information on the fields required to do so, click here.

checkbox If you are not using our lead/contact layouts, review our custom buttons and add as desired.

info1 Click here for more information.

checkbox If you are using our custom layouts for Campaigns, Campaign Members, Leads and/or Contacts, have you assigned them to the appropriate profiles?

info1 Click here for more information.

checkbox Have you requested a Version10 Review session for all relevant parties?

info1 Use this link to access our training calendar.

checkbox Have you checked out our online user guide?

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