Prerequisites | Predictive Response


The following items need to be reviewed prior to installing or upgrading the Predictive Adaptive Mailer.

  • System Administrator: You must have admin privileges for the Salesforce account that is the target for the installation.
  • Roll Up Fields: The Adaptive Mailer uses 10 roll up fields in the campaign page layout. If you are currently using 15 or more roll up fields, you will need to confirm that at least ten additional roll up fields are available. If not, contact Salesforce to upgrade the number of available roll up fields prior to installation.
  • If you are using the Person Account feature provided by Salesforce, please let us know by completing our support ticket.
  • If you are installing Predictive on a sandbox instance, please let us  know by completing our support ticket.

Important Important: When installing the Adaptive Mailer, you are asked if the application should be activated for just the system administrator, etc. Best Practice is to install for the system administrator only. Then after creating a Permission Set for Predictive – click here for more information – you can assign that Permission Set to one or more Salesforce licenses or individual users as needed.