Create a Scheduled Edition | Predictive Response

Create a Scheduled Edition

To start creating your email edition, click the New Edition button on the Salesforce campaign page.

This will create a single edition for a scheduled campaign. This type of campaign can have one or more editions created. For more information on how a scheduled campaign works, click here.

bluebox After your screen refreshes you will see a line item for Edition 1.


bluebox  Click Edit next to Edition 1 to start the wizard

bluebox  Complete these fields:

  • Name
  • Subject
  • The start and end dates for the edition

Important Important: The start and end dates indicate the active date range for this edition. Date ranges for all scheduled editions cannot overlap.

bestpractices Best Practice: The status notification information in the upper left hand corner of the wizard provides up-to-date information on if your edition is active or inactive.

Click here to go to the Design step.