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Classic Editor Retirement

Published 5/30/2023

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In March Predictive announced the launch of the new email editor, BeeEditor. The latest email editor provides:

  • A smoother designing interface, no more scrolling and freezing of the toolbar
  • Improved social media defaults for ease of use in email footers
  • Added row elements that make alignment of text and images much simpler
  • Improved image management with the addition of folders for organization
  • Addition of fonts, and common elements, such as GIFs, Videos, Stickers, and more.

What Will Change

As of 8/31/2023 all prior email editor versions will be retired.

After the retirement date, the classic editing interface (screenshots below) will become unavailable. You will lose access to your media library images, folders, and templates. Content created in the classic editor versions will be available as read only copies in your email editions.

Who Does The Change Apply To

If your email editor has any of the following interfaces, this change applies to you. Note, BeePro Connector users do not need to do anything but can opt to upgrade as desired:

What Action Needs To Be Taken

1. You will need to switch over to the new BeeEditor as soon as possible.

Access to the BeeEditor is set at the user level so you can begin trying it out individually without affecting your current operations. All users will need to be switched to BeeEditor by August 31st, 2023.

To take a look at the new BeeEditor, here’s a walk through:

You can begin using BeeEditor now. Here’s a link to the easy setup instructions, and user guides.

If you need any help during this process, feel free to send an email to and we will be happy to assist you.

2. You will need to rebuild any favorite email content in the new editor.

It is not possible to transfer images or content from the classic editor to the new editor version.

Most customers have provided feedback that having a fresh database has improved loading times, and decluttered their libraries.

Predictive offers a template rebuilding service for a fee. Should you like to inquire about this option, please submit a support ticket.

3. Helpful Transition Info, See FAQ for references.

Helpful Terms and FAQs

  • Complex Element is called Dynamic Content in BeeEditor
  • Folders are replaced with Tags in BeeEditor
  • Merge Fields are called Merge Tags in BeeEditor
  • View Online and Forward to a Friend are listed under Smart Links in the BeeEditor FAQ

BeeEditor FAQ

We sincerely appreciate your business and are here to help with any questions you may have during this transition. Should you need any assistance you can email or submit a support ticket.