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Adaptive Campaigns


What is an adaptive campaign?

The Predictive adaptive campaign is designed to react to what your campaign members do with the emails they receive. If they do not open an email, they get another email automatically. If they open an email but do not click a link in the email, they get another email automatically.


Each adaptive email is created with 5 editions as follows:

  • Initial: The first email that is sent to all leads/contacts added to the campaign.
  • Not Opened: This email is sent to all members that did not open the Initial edition.
  • Not Clicked: This email is sent to all members that opened one of the previous emails but did not click a provided link.
  • Not Complete: This email is sent to all members that clicked a provided link but did not click to a page that you defined as a completion action.
  • Complete: This email is sent to all members that have opened one of the emails sent, clicked a provided link and visited the page that is defined as the completion action. To establish a web page as a campaign completion, click on the Web Scoring icon in the Predictive section on the campaign page. There you will be able to “Edit” a web page and define it as a campaign completion.


Because this campaign type is automated to send the appropriate email depending on member action, you are not spending your time determining which email should go to which member based on if they opened an email or clicked a link.

info1 Reference: Click here for information on creating an adaptive email edition.


Scenario 1:


Scenario 2:


 Scenario 3:


Scenario 4:


Information Information: You can create additional editions at the Sent Not Opened, Opened Not Clicked and Clicked Not Completed levels as desired.

What are some possible uses?

The most common use is to ask your members to take action – donate funds to your cause, purchase your services or products, or register for an event. This can be considered a vital part of lead nurturing.

Use the adaptive campaign to touch base with your members on a regular basis so that they do not forget about you and your organization. The automated adaptive email campaign is ideal for this in that emails do not stop sending until either your member stops responding or commits to your requested action.

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