Scheduled Campaign in Lightning | Predictive Response

Scheduled Campaign in Lightning

A scheduled campaign can be used to advise, update, notify, communicate and remind campaign members about current events and news.

Common Uses:

  • Weekly or monthly newsletter that provides information that is relevant during the active date range.
  • Event notifications that use the ability to set specific date ranges to send invitations, confirmations and reminders to members.
  • Service or sales notifications that have specific valid date ranges.

For example, your campaign dates can be set for the entire year, and each edition in the campaign can be active for a week, a month, or other criteria. The campaign dates have to be valid for the edition to be sent and the edition can only be sent during its date range. Each edition has its own active date range that is partially dependent on the campaign date range.

Important Setup Notes:

  • Scheduled emails are sent in the order they are created. This means they need to be sent in sequence.
    • For example, if you had an edition for January and February news, you would activate the edition for January before the February news, not activate the February news before January.
    • It’s important to indicate chronology in the edition name using months, dates, and/or number sequencing to keep track of the edition creation sequence.
  • Date ranges for all scheduled editions cannot overlap.
    • An edition’s start date needs to be greater than the previous edition’s end date.
    • An edition’s end date needs to be less than the next edition’s start date.

Example of a scheduled campaign:

To create a scheduled campaign, follow the create a campaign instructions and choose ‘scheduled’ as the email type.