Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) | Predictive Response

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Creating a Campaign:
– When do i use an Adaptive email type?
– When do i use a Drip email type?
– When do i use a Schedule email type?
– Can I change my Email Type after I’ve already created the campaign?
– When do i use auto-sync?
– Why is my “Email Type” picklist grayed out?
– Why are start/end dates important?
– How do I add this campaign to a subscription?
– How do I create a new email edition?
– When and why do I need to synchronize the campaign?
What if I click on the email edition button and nothing happens?
– Can I branch to another campaign based on member behaviour? How?

Adding Members:
– How do I add members to my campaign?
– How do I make sure there are Test members included?
– Why are test members important?

Dynamic Content:
– What is dynamic content?
– What type of contact data works? What doesn’t?
– Why don’t I see the dropdown in the editor?
– How do I test it?
– Why doesn’t the content show in the test email?

– What is CampaignFlow?
– How do I use CampaignFlow to add members to a campaign?
– How do I use CampaignFlow to complete members in a campaign?
– What data can I use for the CampaignFlow criteria?
– How do I schedule CampaignFlow to run?

Creating Email Editions:


Data Management:
– How can I check the progress of the campaign?
– What does the data mean?
– Can reports be created on this data?
– How often does the campaign data update?
– How do I include visual graphs to the campaign page?

Common Errors: