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How does a subscription page work?

A subscription page allows your campaign members to select the emails they receive from your organization. When they receive an campaign email, instead of an unsubscribe link, they see a subscription page link – you decide what that link should be.

If they click on the link, they will be able to view the subscription page with the items checked for the subscriptions selected. They can then uncheck or check the subscriptions as desired. The example below is a brief view of how it works:

 Create the subscription page – this page resides on your site and will display your web page template banner, side bars, etc.Subpage

 Send an email from a campaign associated with a subscription

 Campaign member receives email and clicks the subscription link. Their current selections display.

 Campaign member is added to new campaigns or deactivated in existing campaigns

 Salesforce provides a view of subscription history

 Salesforce provides a view of campaign historySubpage3

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