Another Step in Salesforce Integration | Predictive Response

Another Step in Salesforce Integration

Your Salesforce campaign now has more useful information. In response to client requests, we have made the following data accessible when you click the Predictive button on the campaign page.


  • Dashboard: The data provided here includes a campaign status notification, a list of the active campaign email editions and the Sync History for the campaign.
  • Campaign Sends: This list provides a view of the campaign’s send history for the last 30 days.
  • All Sends: Here you can view the campaign send history for all your campaigns over the last 30 days.
  • AutoSync/Scoring: Set the auto-sync process for your campaign and modify lead/contact scoring here.
  • Who is Visiting: This view provides a list of all lead/contacts that have visited your website after receiving a campaign email from your organization.
  • Application Updates: See our latest release notes using this icon.

Information Information: Additional integration will be available with the Predictive Adaptive Mailer Version 11.

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