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Date Merge Fields

When the field data is pulled from the Salesforce record, at times the formatting changes. To help ensure that your data displays as desired in the email, follow these steps:

  • Create a custom formula text field
  • Use the information from this Salesforce help page for more details
  • Confirm that when you enter a date in the original field that it updates to your new formula field
  • Map the new formula field for use in the email editor
  • Insert the field into your campaign email
  • Synchronize the campaign
  • Send a test email to confirm field displays as desired
  • After testing, the field can be removed from the page layout as needed

info1 Reference: For more information on mapping custom fields, click here.

info1 Reference: For more information using date and date/time fields in formulas in Salesforce, refer to this page from their help –

Last Update 09/2015