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FAQ: How do I use the Predictive Email Editor?

How do I create a HTML email? html2

There are several options available to you when you creating your email content. You can:

  • Copy the HTML source from another application and use this icon to paste it into the editor.
  • Click this icon to write your email using HTML
  • Use the design mode to create your email – this will auto create the HTML source for your email

info1 Reference: For more information on creating your email edition, click here.

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How do I add trackable links?

To add links to an email, open the email template and doubleclick into a text field, highlight the text you would like to hyperlink and then select the icon shown below:


  • Visited pages will display in the Predictive Web Pages window
  • Visited pages will display using the Activity button on lead and contact pages
  • Clicks will be counted and displayed as campaign and email edition statistics

The tracking types provided are:

  • Use Tracking: This option can be used if the url is for a page on your web site AND you have added our tracking script to your site. The initial page clicked will be tracked as well as any other pages visited.
  • Redirect: This option is used if the url is for a page that is not hosted by your organization. Predictive will track the initial click but is not able to track any other clicks made by the campaign member.
  • Forward to a Friend: Add text or an image to your email and use this option to let your campaign members easily forward your email to their friends and co-workers as desired.

info1 Reference: For information on the Predictive tracking script, click here.

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How do I insert images? image1

Drag and drop the Image element onto the template page.

Doubleclick on the image icon to open the Media Library.

You can upload images from your computer or URL.  Then select the image you would like to use from the Media Library tab.

1bestpractices Best Practice: We advise uploading your images to your secure image library in Predictive. This ensures that your email remains intact and has the appropriate images displayed as well as providing the image to all users to be used in any campaigns.

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How do I add merge fields? mergefields2

Personalize your email content by adding the member first name and more. You can also use up to 20 lead or 20 contact custom fields to further personalize your email content.

You can also add a merge field to the subject line of your email. Use the drop down for a standard or custom merge field. Select the merge field you wish to add and insert it into the email editor.

info1 Reference: For more information on using Custom Fields, click here.

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How do I use the EDMdesigner feature? EDM1

  • Click the icon and select one of the pre-set templates or use the start from scratch option.


  • When you have made changes in the designer, click Ok to insert the template into the main email editor.

Reference ReferenceClick here for more information on using the EDMdesigner. 

Important Important: Insert images and links using the features in the main email editor as this will ensure better viewing for your recipients and better tracking for your campaign statistics.


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How do I create and save email templates?

After creating and formatting the content in the editor, you can save your work as a template to be used in future campaigns by, simply, clicking OK at the top of the editor:

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How do I create custom styles? cssstyles1

The four tabs provided with this feature allow you to create a style that then can be used in all other campaign emails as desired. Click here to use a created CSS style:

  1. Enter the desired text in your email
  2. Highlight the text and click the CSS icon
  3. Click Load Style to pick the style from a picklist
  4. Click Apply and Close to change the style of your selected text

Click a link below to see information on creating a:

Click here to go back to the Design step.

Click here to go to the Send step.

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